Commercial photography – basic information and features


Photography and advertisement are two elements which have the biggest impact on the customer. When they are good, they can elicit emotions, proper reactions and push to specific actions. People who are responsible for the marketing realise it very well, therefore commercial photography was invented to combine image and ad together.  We have handful information for everyone interested in the topic, and going to describe the most important functions, as well as  various types of commercial photography.
Simply put, commercial photography is taking a picture you, which is later used for commercial purposes as merchandising, brochures, leaflets or product placement. The complement of ad’s text is the main role of it. It is used to advertise goods and services, thus increasing popularity on the market and making them easier to sell.  The profits of the companies who offer that kind of advertising, more often than not, grow.  Photography for commercial purpose has to, by definition, be even prettier than usual. It is no secret that nice-looking things attract attention, refer to luxury and, in consequence, make us feel better. Hence, commercial photography emphasizes the quality of photos, excellent shots, and marvellous colour.  Every picture, before it is shown to the public, has to be improved in a professional graphic editor.  Especially stylized pictures are valuable because they help show product way more attractive. Therefore, during the biggest advertising campaigns (for example of jeweller’s shops or fashion houses) photographers cooperate with professional models or a famous actress, who know exactly how to pose for pictures to make customers desire the product.
However, presentation of furniture company’s product is different. In the pictures, the interior is usually empty,  without any  people inside. But, what is interesting, it looks like someone just left. Besides, the whole arrangement seems to be cosy and associated with hearth and home. Thereby, commercial photography needs to fit the specific type of services and products and – naturally, to the technical and financial abilities. In the majority of situations pictures are taken in the a traditional way, nevertheless drone photography (aerial photography) is more and more popular recently.  It’s a perfect solution when we want to immortalize meaningful event such as music concert, race, sports event. This kind of technique allows making good shots and zoom, which are impossible for traditional photography. For instance, it would require putting the camera in the middle of a racecourse.  The drone can do it easier, faster and safer for us. Setting a photographic equipment on a drone solves the problem and allows taking unusual shots that can surprise us. Undoubtedly, this kind of photography requires hiring professional company in order to get a rewarding result.

Commercial photography – features

As it is was said before, commercial photography has various essential features. We’re presenting the most important of them.
Commercial photography helps sell the product, and this is the major and fundamental feature. An attractive way of showing the product on the picture makes clients want to buy it. Therefore, owners of the biggest companies are able to spend a lot of money for proper advertisement, because they know well that this kind of investment won’t be a white elephant.  They also make an effort to find original ideas that can surprise potential customers.
Commercial photography supports business. Good pictures are perfect to present company and its main ideas in a creative way. What is more,  it causes more customers who are interested in the offer and contractors wanting to cooperate. Activities like that are highly profitable.  What is worth mentioning, thanks to commercial photography, companies can improve credibility and gain dominance  on the market.
Commercial photography as an element of menu – these kind of pictures are perfect for advertising menu. They are often used in a culinary section of various magazines about lifestyle. Photographing food requires some skills and experience, especially when we want to show not only a meal but also interior of the restaurant, the arrangement of tables etc. Every meal shown in the menu should be prepared in this exact restaurant.
Commercial photography that supports the fashion industry. Fashion branch can’t prosper without photography. Through pictures, we can show the whole outfit or concentrate on specific detail to bring out its beauty.  These type of photos are taken for advertisement campaign the most famous fashion houses or for female magazines, where stylish trends are presented.
Commercial photography as a portrait, that helps build an image. Recently, portrait photography starts to have commercial meaning.  Taking pictures of movie star getting married or during the biggest ceremonies of the royal family is really popular nowadays.  These kind of photos are important for public relations or warming up public image. Besides, family pictures on the cover of a magazine impact the popularity and recognizability and increase media interest, and, in consequence, can translate into lucrative propositions. For example, those actors who are popular and likable among the audience receive interesting and profitable role in movies.
Commercial photography, as any other ad is about influencing the customer and eliciting an appropriate reaction. How is it doing that? It’s very simple and works the same in every type of advertisement. The first stage is creating awareness of the product in customer’s mind and then increase interest for everyone who look at the picture. The next step is awakening the desire and disposing to making a deal and buy the product. To do that, the picture has to be well arranged in order to give clients something that is able to effect on emotions.