Commercial video – how is it made and is it a good investment?

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Advertisement is the backbone of marketing and it creates sales and makes your brand more noticeable. This in turns should bring profit and faster growth of your enterprise. The advertisement may be created in a variety of ways.  The most popular ones are banners, tv spots, radio ads, magazine spreads and internet advertising. One of the newest ways to create a commercial video is a creation of a video captured by drones. How they are made and is it financially beneficial to invest in such form of publicity? Read on to know more.

Commercial video – how is it made using drones?

Drones are unmanned aircraft which not that long ago were used exclusively by the military for different purposes. Nowadays, they also find their used in research and surveying, but the most popular way to use a drone is aerial filming. With drones, you can create great ads for a city, building, event or a company. How the video production starts? The idea is the key! First of all, you have to make a plan of your commercial video and choose what you wish to show. The customer can select the video set and suggest his or her own ideas. It is worth noting that drones can reach places no human could, so you may include some unique footage in your plans made in the mountains, mines or other places worth showing. Due to the fact the drones are small, they can fit in tight spaces and building interiors, do a flyover between two buildings and capture almost anything you wish.

Obviously, if you wish to showcase an object, you should focus on its details and you can do it using high quality equipment which is able to do a perfect zoom. Dynamic montage is also very important and it can be achieved, as drones are very fast – you just need a skilled UAV pilot. Thus, if you wish to create a great commercial video, you should look for a video crew which is up to the task. It may seem that piloting a drone is easy, but steering the UAV is one thing. Getting a good photo and stable video using it is much harder. You should also have a bit of video studies knowledge to know how to approach an object, how to zoom in and how to highlight the best features of the filmed object. As such, finding an experienced video and photo company skilled in aerial footage using drones to create something unique. If you plan to make a short movie as an ad, you should also look for actors and scriptwriters, but usually, drones are used for non-scripted showcases and commercial videos of the objects or events. They can also present how the everyday life in the company looks and what are the functions of its employees. Such video materials are usually well-received by the audience and make the enterprise more “human” to the potential customers.

When all the details are discussed and you are ready to make a movie, there comes a time to choose the right equipment. It is a crucial aspect of every commercial video. In most cases, tools used for aerial filming capture the footage in HD or even 4k resolution. Furthermore, the best equipment has servo-motors and stabilizers that ensure the video won’t lose its quality. Frame stabilization is also a must for drone filming, as it is the only way to have a sharp image. What’s more, the equipment should be protected against weather conditions, as most of the footage is captured outdoors. You should remember that drones can speed up to over 100km/h, so making a dynamic video should not be a problem if you find a skilled pilot who knows what and how to do. The last stage of making a video is its cutting, montage and proper manipulation which will enhance its quality and make it coherent.

Commercial video – a thing worth your investment

Making ads using drones is in style right now. More companies see such videos and wish to make similar ones themselves, which means more profit for experts in drone footage. Both sides of the deal benefit from this, as the company making the commercial video gains money and publicity, while the customer makes the advertised enterprise visible and rises brand awareness, which can bring a lot of profits. Here are the biggest benefits of drone videos created for business:

Commercial video is an original promotion solution which is well liked by the audience. Because the dynamic cuts and flyovers attract the attention, the potential client usually decides to see the whole video and is more focused on it. People like to see a fun film rather than read a ton of text, thus you have an edge over a standard written commercial.

You can put a lot of information in a short commercial video. Ads operate with short text and catchphrases, so your customer can remember them easily and you can highlight the details you care the most about.

Commercial video can be distributed easily and cheaply. You can for example publish it on the internet. Simply share the video using your social media (for example company’s fan page). You can also post it on your website and YouTube, where people spend a lot of their free time.

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