Evolution of photography – from camera to drone


Since the time of its discovery, photography has been still evolving and changing – one just needs to think what a long way it was – from the very moment of inventing cameras – stationary, massive, difficult in use and giving photos only after tedious picture development. It got a little better with time when classic cameras got portable – though pictures took a long time to develop, they could be taken anywhere – it was an immense advantage. We should also notice how does it look like now – nearly everyone carries with herself/himself a great quality camera in one’s pocket – instant view of taken photos, nearly unlimited capacity that we can expand on our own, an ability to edit photos using our devices, together with zoom, filters and recording. Thanks to all these an incredible progress is to be witnessed but we have to bear in mind how much we lose because of such state of affairs. It does not take much – we only need to visit our parents’ or grandmas’ homes and we will see numerous photos and albums, that we so rarely transfer from digital form to paper, put into an album or a frame – for even frames are now digital. Of course, development of digital pictures is not a problem, but still we do it so rarely – keeping them on computer or portable memory device is such a pity, since it deprives them of some deal of magic.
Presently, we are experiencing another revolution, namely bird’s-eye photos taken by drones. Of course we could take them even earlier, using for such purposes plane, balloons or copters, but now we can take them without getting off the ground, together with recording films that change completely the way in which we perceive photos. It was quickly taken up as an advertising strategy – equipping your company’s website with video movie presenting the advantages of our object or products was always in high demand but if we take the recording from the air, simultaneously showing also assets of the place, then it really makes a great impression. Owners of real estate or of various entertainment spots use this strategy of advertising really often in order to maximize their sale effects. Together with appearance of commercial usage of drones, the significance of commemoration photography dropped down. It is most relevant to wedding photos – it is very easy for us to have all the guests and beautiful surroundings in the photo if we use drone. We should not forget how great an exterior photo shoot may turn out to be thanks to it. Natural surroundings, underlining of sunlight, shoots from different angles and heights – we have now nearly unlimited possibilities of taking photos and recordings. Who knows what else awaits us in this field and what innovations shall perfect the art of photography. One thing is certain – new innovations and new ideas, together with new devices, possibilities and improvements we are not aware of today are nevertheless sure to appear.