Examples of advertising using drones


Videos and advertisements made using drones are one of the most popular methods of promotion right now and can be encountered on many websites nowadays. You can promote literally any company using drones – you just have to have an idea how to do it. What are the good examples of utilizing drones for advertising?
Restaurants present their meals in an original, unique way – for example, Yo! Sushi (London) uses drone as a flying waiter which delivers food straight to the tables. Burrito Bomber had a very similar idea and delivers take-outs to certain locations using UAVs. Domino’s Pizza introduced DomiCopter (you can see video here) that also delivers the food to the customers.
It is of course only one of the many advertising solutions. Drones are also extensively used to record and produce video ads – you’ve probably seen the Audi commercial made using footage captured by a drone. A video recorded by the UAV is a much more attractive material than a classic video shot from the ground – it shows new angles from new heights.
Not that long ago drones were considered a military equipment. Today, they find use in every niche imaginable. They may be simple toys used by private buyers, property investment companies use them to promote properties they sell, hotels highlight their advantages from the air… You just need proper skills (or an experienced drone filming company), a good HD camera and an idea to create an advertisement that will find you new customers with ease.