First customer


First customer – photography

Your passion was always taking pictures but you thought this activity would not be profitable. There are so many professional photographers on the market, so standing out from this crowd might be really difficult task. However, you took this risk and now you want to find your first client. If you have no idea how to do this, we will give a few simple but useful tips.
At the beginning, there should be underlined who is a target group of your services. Usually customers, who use photographer’s services, are business owners. Now try to put yourself in the shoes of a business man. Think about what any business owner expects from your work and pictures that you will make for him. First of all, it needs to be underlined, that he does not care about your professional, beautifully printed portfolio.

The only thing he expects is the effects of your pictures. Usually, businessmen hire professional photographer in order to increase the sale of his products. They assume that not only they spend money on your job and give you the money, but you also have to make profits for them. Contacting a business owner, and showing them your offer i.e., portfolio, will not be effective. Why? Each client needs an individual approach, and you should give it to him. Otherwise, you will think that your goal is only taking his money. Your customer must see your potential and real possibilities of profits for his company. Convince them to consider your job and your services not an expense, because no business needs unnecessary expenses, but present yourself as an investment. Now, you are probably wondering how it is possible.

At first, you should visit your potential customer not with prepared offer, but as a client who uses their services. Very important thing is to looking your clients everywhere as it might be any business owner, for example, you went for a dinner to a really fine restaurant and you noticed that some pictures in their menu, or on the window, are not appealing to you as a customer, someone who is willing to order a dish. Of course, do not say it to the waiter or the manager, but take amazing new pictures of even the same staff. Next day you can bring it to them in person, or send in email. You should underline that you do not want to any money for that, it is just a gift which they can use if they want. If a dish looks much more appetizing in your photo, and thereby more guests order it, they will be interested in your services.

Why? They saw your talent, and how great you can sell their products, your pictures really contributed to their profits. Moreover, you can follow this rule wherever you are. Most places and other services need professional photos which are simply used as advertisements in their social media profiles, local newspaper, or leaflets. We also want to add something especially for those who claim that it is working for free and they have no guarantee that someone will really hire them. Of course, you do not have to follow our advice, but you made your portfolio for free as well, and does it miraculosly bring a crowd to your studio? If you want additional information regarding customers visit this website.