Golf Course Flyover

Golf is a sport of the gentlemen and one of the most popular free-time activities of the English middle and upper classes. Thus, it is no wonder that new golf courses are appearing constantly in the countryside and offer more and more to the club members. This is also the reason why golf courses need a proper marketing strategy nowadays, as having 18 holes and sand traps is not enough today to bring customers.
Creating an ad for golf course may be tricky – you have to show how distinct and unique your golf course is. You also have to show the best aspects of the club – not only on the field, but in the other important aspects of conducting a golf business too. Golf is not a cheap sport, but even the richest of us don’t like to spend money on an unknown, sub-par service. Thus, you have to show why you and your golf club is the best. How to do it?
Start with showcasing your golf course in a unique way and highlight features that distinguish you among the crowd. Doing it from the ground won’t work – you’ll need aerial video crew that will do a drone golf course flyover and zoom in the spots you indicate and you wish to show your potential clientele. Hiring a drone photographer is not that expensive and many video production companies include drone photo and video in their offer to stay in business. Moreover, many drone video companies know all the ins and outs of golf course filming, as this is one of the most popular marketing strategies for the country clubs nowadays.AirPixa-Aerial-7
When you have an exceptional footage of your golf course uploaded on your site and presented to the target audience, it’s time to take care of the details. Great golf playing area is of course crucial, but try to also provide amenities that will make your customers come back to you often, even if they have to get to you from afar. Provide the best possible service you can, invest in the properties in the area to create not only a great golf course, but a whole recreational area where a whole family can enjoy a nice weekend. Creating a pleasant environment, where your customers can play, relax and eat a tasty meal (making them a sandwich is not enough!) is a necessary investment for any golf course owner.
If you combine good promotional material made using aerial footage from a drone with a great showcase of the amenities and services available on your golf course and include some kind of discount or promo for the club members, you can be sure your golf course will thrive.