How to choose a good drone aerial filming company?


Videos and photos created by drones are the hot topic nowadays – there is a huge variety of offers available on the market right now for those who wish to capture an event or film an area form the drone. Drone footage is most often used by hotels, property investment companies, resorts and golf courses to promote their business, but UAVs find use in other markets too. But how to choose a company that will create a great ad for you or make a high-quality video of an important life event for a fair price?
Word-of-mouth is often times the best method to find an experienced drone filming company. Those who employed the services of drone video production companies will usually tell you if the enterprise you’re planning to hire is worth the money. Of course, you should also check the company yourself – all of them have a portfolio showcasing the skills and the finished works, so you can see what the drone pilot is capable of.
All right, so you’ve chosen a couple of offers, now comes the time for the harder part of your search – discussing the details. We’re not talking only about the price for the service, but also the conditions the drone filming company will work in. Drone flying isn’t as easy as you may think and many factors decide if the drone can lift from the ground – the weather has a final say in capturing footage from a drone and if the conditions are not satisfactory (i.e. strong winds or rain) do not count an aerial filming company ill risk losing the expensive equipment.
Before you make the final decision, try to search for special offers and discounts. And think carefully what you really need – only a couple of photos, a graphic manipulation or a whole day of filming with a complicated video production process? The final price will depend on your needs, so you have to really make sure you know what you’re looking for. You can read about tips regarding drone filming here.