Modern archeology – scanners and other technologies

Modern archeology

A traditional approach to archeology

archeologyArcheology is one of those areas that is very much associated with tradition. This is mainly due to the fact that archeology reveals history and examines the past. However, history and the past are mainly associated with tradition. Although archeology is a traditional field at first glance, it is worth paying attention to the fact that modern archeology is not afraid of using modern technologies.

Although many people still think that archeology is only about looking through the earth and searching for long-forgotten artifacts from the past, in reality modern archeology also has a different dimension. I am talking here above all about the ways in which modern archeology uses technology. Modern archeology is largely  based on computers and computer software that allows you to learn about the past in an effective way. What tools will be useful here?

Modern archeology

In modern archeology, first of all, various types of scanners and devices allowing for measuring objects and their digital transformation will be useful. Interestingly, even such modern devices as 3d printers or 3d scanners can find here a very wide application. Let’s consider the fact that modern archeology can actually benefit from so-called reverse engineering. Thanks to reverse engineering, it is possible to mimic a given object, which also allows you to recreate parts that are missing or damaged.

Reverse engineering really gives a lot of possibilities if it really is about ways to study the past. Modern archeology uses not only devices such as scanners but also modern software, which also allows you to create various types of extremely interesting visualizations. Playing with a digital file that maps a given object can also provide a number of extremely interesting information that can be used in a really different way. It is worth realizing this and actually use it. Discovering the past is not only an elaborate search for residues in the earth, it is also a skillful work with a computer program.

Modern archeology is therefore not a boring field, which is limited by the past. In the end, technology has made us able to look very far back and use it for how we operate and what we want to achieve. In the end, we start to look not only backwards but also forward.