Modern Filmmaking


Companies offering video services are able to expand their business due to the advancement of the filming and photo technology, which includes not only the capturing equipment, but also hardware and software used for post-production and processing. Modern video can be much more advanced than the one captured only a few years ago. In addition, video services are cheaper and, what is more important, individual customers can get the same services as big companies for much lower price. You can capture a big event, such as your wedding, and get a film with production values straight from Hollywood.

Companies who wish to obtain new marketing materials often order an aerial filming service which can be used for promotion or capturing important business events or company picnics. Many videos you see today are captured from the air using helicopters and drones – the latter are more popular, as they are a cheaper alternative which can deliver the same or even better video and photo quality and are much more accessible to the public than a helicopter (and, of course, easier to use).

Modern video equipment

When you seek for a company that is able to capture video and photos from a drone, search for those video production enterprises which have a lot of experience in a certain field – those who are great at filming weddings are best utilized in big events, while marketing video productions demand a different sort of skills. There are companies which specialize in orders made by large companies and those which produce video for individuals. It is all a matter of your choice, taste and preference.

generally speaking, the more experience the video production company has in capturing large events, the better it will be at getting the most of a given wedding, concert, as its experts probably have all the necessary equipment and skills needed for capturing such occasion. You can always check the portfolio – every respected video production company has one.

Photo services

Drones can be also utilized for smaller tasks, including high quality aerial photos. In addition, such service is very cheap, as the photography requires less advanced, less expensive and smaller UAVs for the job, as there is less equipment to carry. Of course, before you decide to order a service, check if the photo company has enough experience in aerial photography using drones.

There are hundreds of companies offering the photo and video services and the final choice is up to you. If you have a smaller budget, it is a good idea to employ a smaller company which specializes in one specific service, like aerial photography. if you have more money for the task and you require much more complicated job, you can easily find a company that offers a complex service which will be executed swiftly and efficiently. You can be sure that if you make only a little research and choose a proper team of experts, your aerial photos and videos will be amazing.