Technological advancement – can you still know the world

Technological advancement

What’s technological advancement

Technological advancement basically refers to rapid progression in various sciences based on technology. Today technology basically refers to computer software and machinery. When these two disciplines are combined we can talk about general technological advancement. Advancement means that things are constantly moving forwards, new solutions and functionalities appear, older ones becomes obsolete on a daily basis. Technological advancement can’t be actually stooped and there’s no way of preventing it from happening (unless you think of some kind of global disaster that can shut humanity off from all technological gains)

technologySumming up, technological advancement is a fact and can’t be denied. What’s more, it can’t be also effectively and once for all assessed. We can’t exactly say that’s either right or wrong. All kinds of technological achievements can’t be judged and given any specific good or bad value. Of course, they can have varied influence on humanity but in themselves they can’t be put into similar moral categories. After all, technology has plenty of applications and its final nature depends on them and not on the nature of achievement as such. What’s more, it we want to asses some value to technological achievements it’s best to say they are all good. After all, they’re moving us forward and make our lives much easier (in most cases.)

Is there a risk in technological advancement

Although, technological advancement shouldn’t be actually morally judged people tend to asses it anyway. What’s more, there’s a group of people, who tend to see any kind of technological advancement as a threat that can end our world pretty fast if left unchecked. Of course, there are many reasons for that. Some of them are connected with reasonable fears related to previous bad technological experiences (think for example of the invention of the atomic bomb) but others aren’t reasonable at all. Yet, they can be pretty easily understood – after all people tend to be afraid of things they don’t understand. Fear of the unknown is a natural human reaction and sometimes can be triggered by unknown technology that’s advancing in such a rate it’s impossible for us to comprehend.

What’s more, current technology is so advanced that it’s really difficult for regular people to understand it fully. If you’re not  a technological geek, who follows every path of technological advancement it’s pretty easy to actually get lost and therefore afraid. From this point it’s pretty easy to conjure up dramatic scenarios of the future.