Virtual models – 3d scanning an printing

virtual models

What’s 3d technology

3d technology is becoming more and more popular. It’s rapid development makes it possible to use this technology all over the world and spread it globally. What’s more, due to the same technological advancement it’s also possible to make relatively cheap and easily accessible. Suddenly, 3d technology is no longer something taken straight form the science fiction movie of the distant perspective from the further- 3d is happening her and now and finds plenty of possible applications.

Yet, in order understand fully the power of virtual models and actually printed objects it’s especially important to know that they are based on simple idea. 3d scanning and printing refers to the cation when a real life object (it doesn’t really matter what’s its size or structure) is scanned and turned into a  virtual model that can be easily stored as a computer file. Such virtual models can be later on easily edited, changes, used for variety of purposes such a presentation or visualisation of bigger plans and ideas or simply turned into real three dimensional things – that is printed. Virtual models created via scanning and usage of computer software are of course very useful in themselves. What can you use virtual models for?

Virtual models

computer fileVirtual models as stored on a computer file find plenty of various applications. Due to rapid technological advancement and development of computer software you can do practically everything with such virtual representations of real life objects. When you’re equipped with proper software that’s advanced enough to give you proper access to the virtual model you can easily edit it, change and modify in order to learn the structure, design its elements, or reverse engineer the whole process behind it.

Your possibilities here are many and more. The whole 3d business is constantly developing and the virtual reality is gaining momentum. Still, let’s not forget about the fact that virtual models can be also effectively used in real lie and the physical reality. In practice it means that it’s really easy to manipulate the virtual and have the effects in real life. With 3d printing gaining more and more pace it’s also becoming quite easy to make progress in these two areas. Combination of virtual with real Is more and more interesting and constantly opens up new ways of development. Let’s remember about this and try to be aware of the fact that technology has a lot of really great effects on our lives and can make huge changes there. Don’t be afraid to use it to your advantage.