What to keep in mind while taking photos with a drone?


Taking photos with drone’s assistance is relatively new branch of artistic creation that not everyone can afford. Immortalization of crucial moments like marriages or recording commercials was taken to a different level, thanks to drones and becomes even more popular. What is worth knowing while taking photos with drones?
The first and the most important thing is to check a weather forecast ( you can check weather here) before our drone’s flight. It is imperative in taking care of drone’s safety – wind or rain have a potential of harming it but also of affecting the quality of recordings and films. The better the weather, light and visibility, the better the photos and their quality. Recordings made in better conditions will be sharper and photos will not require such a long time of a shutter being open. If we planned hiring a drone or a session for a specific day then we have to take care of this, if there is no possibility of date changing then at least let us select the best time of the day – early in the morning or in the afternoon the light is perfect, it brightens objects in specific angle. Evenings are also a good time, when the light is more yellow – intensive lightning is to be avoided though, like it is during the noon. Photos and films may come out exposed – it requires a great deal of skill to set frames or elucidation time properly. We need to remember to plan the course of the session and select planes accordingly – if the photos are settled for a specific place, it is good to get to know this place before in order to plan the best shots, especially if the session if made for the client and not for our own purposes. The most comfortable are of course open spaces – we can effortlessly fly from every direction. However, we need to keep in mind the obstacles – it would not take much to encounter one of these – poles, buildings, trees can be bane for our drone and they can also limit the movement possibilities leading to taking photos we planned being much more difficult. Of course even here we have to bear in mind not to take photos against the light to have the best frames possible – targeted object is to be presented in the best way with advantages of the area the photos are taken in being visible too. It is best to check Google map or other method of this kind to get to know the place before visiting it.
While taking photos creativity is also invaluable – we should not limit ourselves – instead we should try different shots and angles of taking photos and of filming an object – who knows, maybe the most exciting frame will be results of improvising? The way we perceive from the air in opposition to from the ground is pretty different, so even accidentally we may come up with a really good shot. Additionally, it is always better to have more options and possibilities in selecting best frames, than to have a deficit of exciting materials. With time we will get accustomed to drone and we will be able to feel from where we will take the best shots and what are the most attractive steps to take and as a consequence we will save a lot of time during the photo edition.