What to remember about while taking photos with a drone?


To make drone filming more comfortable and easy we should make use of tips given by more experienced authors of such kind of photos. Let us get to know what other tips they can provide us with.
Every drone is equipped with an option of real time preview – without it taking photos would be very difficult if not impossible – filming from the air would have no sense at all. It is no wonder that we should keep in mind this solution FPV preview or First Person View makes us see on the screen or the mobile device what the drone sees. Thanks to special goggles, there even exist of possibility of feeling as if we were the drone itself. Because of such preview we will quickly notice what shots will be best and how to oversee drone’s flight, correct and adjust its flight height and speed. Worth notice are also applications that will help us control the drone – they allow many additional changes to be made, such as adjusting camera visor in a way to take photos and recordings according to the present conditions. Thanks to such conveniences our work will be much more pleasurable.
Let us test – try and play with our drone. Only then shall we know its options and possibilities best. Should we later play with graphic programs and edit our photos, we will find the effects to be really wonderful, though we need to take into account that not everything can be changed in the process of postproduction. We need to check our drone’s filters, filming modes, adjust the resolution and amount of frames per second. Diaphragm is also important – everything is crucial for the results we get but some of the filming mode edits may badly affect resolution and quality of the photo. Fluency of movement and recording in HD – once obtained will make our results quite sensational. We should also take care of stabilization – many drones operate without stabilizing barometer or GPS, however by using them we will make our recordings more fluent. When we want to take a photo with a longer exposure time, GPS will come in handy since in such moments drone has to hold still and without GPS it is not possible. The most challenging for the beginners turns out to be fluid flying – only hours of working with drone with help us with addressing this issue. Otherwise we will not acquire this ability and such shots are mandatory if we want to have good recordings and photos. Before we get used to a specific type of drone a lot of time may pass – but with practice and proficiency in camera moving we will find our shots much better. A good tip says that we should use two controllers if possible – drone control maintained by two people is much easier and more precise. In such cooperation it is important to divide duties – one person deals with the flight and decides which direction to take, while the second takes care of the camera – such division allows us to focus on particular elements of filming and taking photos and as a consequence they are shot much more accurately.