What you need to film from a drone?


Modern Times require modern solutions. That is why many photography and video production companies decided to gain knowledge in drone operation in filming.
Drones are the newest technological achievement that came from the military blueprints to the civilian life. Nowadays, they are almost everywhere and no serious photographer or video producer can say that the company he or she leads is able to do everything if there are no drone operations in the offer.
What is required to be a drone filming and photography maker, aside from skill of course? First of all, every drone operator has to obtain proper licenses that allow the drones to fly in the public airspace. The most basic certificate that allows you to fly a drone is CAA pilot license that is given for so called “unmanned aircraft”.  Only then you can fly a drone in public space, outside of your own yard or a garden. Then, you have to get some training in aerial filming itself of course, as putting a camera on a drone is only a beginning – you have to make great pictures or a video and it would not be possible without learning a set of skills required to stabilize the drone and the camera. A few hours of training should be enough to start and you’ll surely get the hang of it all.