Aerial photography services


The world from a different perspective. Four ideas for using the drone.

Aerial photography services are more and more popular nowadays. The possibilities, which using the drone gives us, are enormous. Today there is no need to have special means to memorialize extraordinary events of our life from a different and original perspective. But aerial photos can also support our business.

The world feels so different when viewed from above. Not so long ago, aerial photography and videos were an interesting addition to motion pictures or high-quality tv programmes about nature, that show the most beautiful places on Earth. Thanks to drones, ordinary people have the possibility to see their environment that way. Many companies offering aerial photography services appeared on the market recently. The purpose of using drones depends only on the client and his imagination, although it is necessary to know regulations of drone’s use in order to avoid problems. Due to increasing popularity of this device, rules constantly change. But, what kind of situations are the best for using a drone?

Weddings and family ceremonies

The wedding is a special event, and there is a reason we try to have every detail refined. But perfect wedding requires good pictures, which immortalise it on paper. Newly-weds are more and more often taking the aspect of wedding photography very seriously. They hire professional photographers, whose portfolio is excellent and adequate for their needs. There is no place for any mistake – memories are passing and pictures will stay with them for the rest of their life. Aerial photography services are the perfect choice for everyone who dreams about original, wedding keepsake. The proper distance allows capturing every wedding guest, no matter how big the group is and shows the atmosphere of the location. If the weather is fine, the aerial perspective will look incredible.

Summer vacations

Not only the wedding ceremony is a good occasion to take advantage of aerial photography services. It is also the chance of summer vacations. It would be nice to expand our summer souvenir by adding aerial view pictures. Nature from the bird’s eye is ravishing and it’s definitely worth making use of it. Undoubtedly, the pleasure of taking pictures traditionally is great and we don’t have to give up on it. Yet, pictures from the drone can be very interesting extras. What is important, the world looks completely different from above and we can be really surprised how beautiful it is from this specific point of view. It surely could complete our impressions from a holiday trip.

Sports events

It is only one step from summer vacations to various physical activities. Sports events and meetings are an excellent occasion for using a drone. We can see very often how it supports broadcast during a football match. Thanks to drones it is possible to experience true sports emotions and see incredible shots of a football pitch with thousands of fans. This kind of sports transmission highlights atmosphere of every sports event. Interesting fact: drones are used not only for recording meetings. They are also used for sports competitions. Drone races and freestyle shows are more and more popular, and – who knows – maybe they will become sports discipline someday?


However, aerial photography services can be used not only for entertainment. They are extremely valuable for business purposes. In that case, using videos or pictures taking from drone depends mainly on the specificity of the industry. Marketing, monitoring, creating projects enriched by aerial photography – the potential is very huge. Exploitation of drones in advertisement campaign may be a chance to reach customers who are bored with ordinary ads and show them the company from brand new perspective. The aerial point of view helps emphasize the bounce and dynamism of the company and encourage potential clients and business partners.

The drone market is developing quickly, devices are easy to buy and, more and more often, they are used for many occasions. It’s hard to say how will we use them tomorrow. No doubt, the consumer perception of drones is bigger and bigger, as much as aerial photography services. People use drones to save their memories of the most important events, like weddings and other family ceremonies and even summer holidays. Sports events are very attractive for aerial photography, and usually used drones for amazing shots of playgrounds or ski slopes. The possibilities of this kind of services are also used in business. Owners see the commercial potential of aerial pictures. Rules related to using drones are changing and that’s why everyone who wants to record event by a drone should hire a professional company to avoid trouble. It guarantees safety and high quality of pictures.